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Committee Selects Aesthetic Design for I-270/33 Interchange

After consideration of a variety of options and public input, the City of Dublin 270/33 Aesthetic Design Selection Committee has chosen the Scioto River as the public art theme to be incorporated into the forthcoming reconstruction of interchange. The Scioto River theme will be integrated into the retaining walls and structural elements of the new interchange.


Committee members selected the river because of its ability to convey several different and important messages about Dublin. The river can be seen as a symbol of longevity, having been here before settlement, and it will always remain a part of the community. The river also embodies several aspects of Dublin as a “green” community, while being able to showcase the popularity of outdoor recreational activities in Dublin.

The design will also include Celtic accents along the bridge’s piers and parapets. With this selection, Dublin officials will work with the Ohio Department of Transportation to finalize details about the design. The aesthetics will be incorporated into the interchange as it is widened and improved. The first phase of reconstruction of the interchange could begin in late 2014.

The design was created by Creative Design Resolutions of Brentwood, Maryland.

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